Questing at the push of a button

Whether you want to group new characters by clearing all the acts with our d2r questing bot or with our wow questing bot it will make little difference if you have professions as a miner, herbalism, skinner, fisher, and gathering with our wow bot will handle them all for you while leveling you and take care of all the redundant farming tasks.

How do I level faster in World of Warcraft with a bot?

Level faster with a WoW Bot and not limited to your favorite MMO using the safest WoW Questing bot for group farming and instance farming.

How to automate questing in WoW?

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Level Up Quicker with a WoW Bot

Don’t waste countless hours trying to farm or do quests by hand, our d2r questing bots & wow questing bots will automatically level you for the latest expansion, with TBC Classic & Season of Mastery, also Shadowlands Retail is now fully compatible. And WOTLK is already prepared for questing without lifting a finger besides to start the bot. Whether you are wanting to bot on D2R or WoW you will find no easier solution also with being able to run our bots in the background

Features of our Questing Bots for Wow & D2R

Providing the most convenient questing automation for World of Warcraft!

We specialize in providing the fastest wow questing bot solutions for our users, striding in your customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We have around the clock support for all customers so you can be ready steady and automating any quests for wow or d2r. Easily go from level 1 to capped out wow professions on your way to the top, it doesn’t get much easier. Our easy to use wow questing bots ensures you’re playing wow on auto pilot from the start.


True automation at it's finest with over 10 years of botting experience we keep an eye on security with automation as well, this ensures a safe botting experience.

We also have to quest in D2R ready to clear acts and it has not gotten easier to level a diablo 2 resurrected character than before. With the ability to auto talent stats and spells.

You will not find a better d2r questing bot with fast as leveling times and routes as our d2r bot, it automates quests and farms for you. What are you waiting for? Not to mention that with questing IRL you may require money, with the ability to grow your cryptocurrency trading with our Crypto Trading Bot, your portfolio will be continously growing when using our BitBot Ninja which also will have you covered there. From WoW to D2R it is very easy to automate with the right tools and you have found them with us.